We believe that Thailand is one of the few must visit destinations in the world. Needless to say, it offers an immersive, rich cultural experience set in stunning landscapes hosted by some of the most friendly, laid back and hospitable people you could ever wish to meet. We love Thailand as it offers much more than just a holiday destination – an unforgettable experience awaits.

Retreatments specialises in finding the best retreats centres across Thailand. We only partner with centres that are well established and have the kind of endorsements and reviews that can help you understand what to expect. Unlike most other online platforms, we encourage people to get in contact and ask questions about this seemingly far away land. We are based here in Thailand and through our own knowledge, we can help you connect the dots to an experience to suit you and thus matching your expectations.

Promoting Retreatments: How it works

  1. You can choose to promote any retreats on the Retreatments.com site, simply link to our site
  2. A visitor clicks on the link to visit the retreat you’ve advertised
  3. A visitor books a retreat from our site
  4. Your unique link is tracked and commission is calculated based on a percentage of the value of the retreat
  5. Commission is paid monthly directly via PayPal or Bacs transfer

Our program offers

  1. A 30-day cookie period
  2. Real-time reporting which means you can see clicks and bookings as they happen by logging into your Retreatments.com affiliate account
  3. A price promise to match lowest pricing with our customers

Why choose to sign up with the Retreatments affiliate program?
Our conversion rates are higher than most online booking platforms which results in more commission – it’s as simple as that.

How does Retreatments manage to convert much higher?
We don’t see our visitors as just customers we see them as people and we genuinely want to help them – this makes a difference as we build trust from giving people genuine, honest advice rather than trying to push an experience that doesn’t match a person’s expectations or needs.

Working Agreement
You can read all of the terms and conditions relating to working as an affiliate here

Program FAQ'S

Many affiliate programs offer a tiered commission rate or offer complex terms and conditions attached to the commission. We offer a simple and highly competitive flat rate of 40% commission share on bookings.

Initially, we are only looking to work with a small number of affiliates so that we can help support you in this collaboration.

If you have a website, travel agency, blog or app relating to travel, holidays, health and lifestyle, then please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

We will review your application and then send over an introductory email with your login details and unique tracking link so that you can begin.

You can use text links, banners and deep links.

Every affiliate has their own unique tracking linking which recognizes the visitors you’ve sent across.

Yes, we can offer unique discount codes which would be considered on a case by case basis.

Yes, we can offer unique and bespoke content depending on the circumstances.

We can sign up the providers that you recommend in your existing content or the providers you wish to create content around

  • We offer a price match guarantee that means the price of a retreat is always the same as that offered directly via the merchant. Sometimes we even offer discounts so that we can offer even more competitive prices
  • Advice, tips and guidance are part of our service which means we like to speak with everyone to make sure they are going to get the experience they expect which helps keep everyone happy
  • We offer secure fast payment with trusted e-commerce platforms PayPal and Stripe
  • Many providers don’t have their own booking engine, Retreatments gives merchants the ability to accept bookings and payments in real time via our platform
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