Find retreats across Thailand offering Manual Lymphatic drainage as part of their detox program. This unique style of massage helps accelerate the detoxification process by kick-starting the bodies natural waste management system.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Explained

The body contains a natural waste management and extraction system called the Lymphatic system. Its primary responsibility is to remove toxins and waste material from tissues; it is the first line of defence from colds, flu’s and infections. Unlike the blood system, which uses the heart, lymphatic fluid does not have a dedicated pumping system to assist with drainage, the contraction of the muscles during exercise assist in moving and draining the Lymphatic fluid. A sedentary lifestyle with long periods of prolonged sitting inhibits the flow and drainage of the lymphatic fluid. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the process of massaging the body with a specific pressure and motion producing a natural aid to help encourage drainage of this system as blockages can occur. MLD massages need to occur regularly in order to increase their effectiveness as single treatment initiates the beginning of this process.

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