Find retreats across Thailand that administer Probiotic treatments as part of their program, this is to focus on improving the balance of the digestive system.

As the balance of naturally occurring bacteria and flora may be easily disrupted in the digestive tract through a diet rich in sugars and fatty foods as well as through the intake of antibiotics and an increase in stress levels a probiotics supplement can be of great benefit. Probiotics are a combination of live bacteria and yeasts, the incorporation of probiotics in the diet assists in balancing and restoring the naturally occurring bacteria in the intestinal tract. Most probiotic supplements will contain the bacteria Bifidobacterium, which assists in alkalising and maintaining balance in the gut, which may have been disrupted by an increase in acid producing bacteria such as Lactobacteria. Many retreats will include a probiotic supplement such as Flora Grow Capsule as part of their detox program.

  • Clean and alkalise the digestive system
  • Improve the absorption of nutrients and vitamins
  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduces yeast and vaginal infections
  • Reduces the reaction to allergies
  • Assist in losing and maintaining weight.
  • When taken simultaneously with antibiotics it balances the naturally occurring bacteria levels in the body.

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