Raw food diets are the fast track way to healthy eating. The basic principle and general philosophy is largely explained in the preparation, which explains that food shouldn’t be processed or cooked at temperatures exceeding 40 – 48 Degrees Celcius (104 Fahrenheit). The reason being that cooking at what is considered ‘normal’ or high temperatures effectively destroys the nutrients and renders the best part of the food useless before it has been digested. Processed foods are bypassed because during the manufacturing process many additional ingredients are added to enhance taste, flavour or shelf life resulting in us ingesting chemicals that aren’t necessarily healthy or good for the body.

  • Relief from headaches
  • An overall boost of the immune system
  • Memory and concentration benefits and clearing of brain fog
  • Reduction and eradication of allergies
  • Assists in fighting against arthritis and diabetes
    Alkalizes the blood and body

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