Find retreats across Thailand that offer a Vegetarian menu as part of their program. Clean, Organic health food and juices served every day are the basis to any health and wellbeing program, essential to any detox retreat.

Vegetarianism is the abstinence of consuming meat, including fish and shellfish, this may also include dairy and eggs. Lacto–Ovo vegetarians will normally still include dairy and eggs in their diet. Over recent years vegetarianism has gain popularity as a healthily alternative lifestyle, with importance placed on the humane treatment of animals, less impact on the environment and an improvement in overall health. With the increase in steroids, antibiotics and hormones used in the cultivation and farming of meat products many health conditions have been associated with the consumption of meat. These conditions include; cancer, early onset menopause, early onset puberty (precocious puberty) occurring in children as young as 6 years old.

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