Find retreats across Thailand that offer a Vegan menu as part of their program. Clean, Organic healthy Vegan food and juices served every day are the basis of some wellbeing programs, helping to ease stress on the digestive system and improve the results of any detox program.

Vegan food and diets consist of natural, plant-based ingredients whereby the consumption of animals or anything derived from animals would be omitted completely. For example, eggs, milk and anything based on diary would be abstained from along with less obvious animal based ingredients such as gelatin which is made from beef extract and can be found in jelly sweets. Veganism is more than just a moral crusade against the morality of raising animals only for slaughter, it is also a healthy lifestyle option which requires education and awareness as you learn how to replace your intake of certain vitamins, nutrients and minerals that would otherwise be obtained from the consumption of meat, dairy and fish.

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