3-28 Days
Duration Range


One of the best health decisions that me and my partner have ever made. A hidden gem and possibly a life changer for many with digestive issues and illness or just if you want to learn about healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Intensive and suited for experienced detoxers or those looking for deep transformation
  • Can be the foundation of healing chronic disease or ill health
  • Special herbal formulas and shakes, broths, probiotics are included
  • Supervised non-invasive therapies that work at cellular level included
  • Yoga, herbal steam and daily massage included for ultimate relaxation
If you’re feeling harried, bogged down or simply stuck in a rut, the Ultra Cleanse program at Atmanjai is not just a detox but also a powerful life-transforming tool. Most suited for those who have detoxed before – but also certainly anyone who is up for a challenge – the Ultra Cleanse is a fully supervised way to retune your body, and dramatically increase wellness, vitality and energy levels.Disease, ill health and even chronic or recurring conditions are so often only symptoms of a deeper problem – the body’s way of screaming for a reset. An ‘Ultra Cleanse’ like this one can be the foundation of the healing process for all manner of illness, addressing the root of the problem rather than masking the underlying cause.Atmanjai offers to heal at the mental, emotional and physical levels. Hand-made herbal formulas and shakes, broths, probiotics and wheatgrass shots will give your system a deep flush. This is combined with therapies like infra-red sauna therapy to destroy viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast and stimulate weight loss and cardiovascular health, and ion cleansing which delivers a gentle electrical charge to stimulate the release of long-stored bodily toxins. Thai herbal steam sessions, yoga classes and daily massages – also included in the program – will take your rejuvenation to a whole new level.Retreats are available for 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 21, and 28 days (4, 6, 8, 11, 15, 22, and 29 nights). To reap maximum benefit, it is recommended that you stay at least a week, and if you are looking to really transform your life and health, the 28-day program will have you leaving as a whole new person.

Tip: Guest reviews can give you the best insight. We've put together a collection of reviews giving you a personal account of the program.

What's Included

Included with any length of stay

Personal Program Assessment & support meetings with detox consultant

Daily Yoga and Morning Ritual

Daily Massage

Thai Herbal Steam

Ultrasonic Zapper

FAR Infra-red + Ozone

Ion Cleansing Foot Bath


Blood Pressure Readings

Psyllium Shakes, Apple Cider Vinegar and Wheatgrass Shots

Vegetable Broth

Probiotics & 2x Cleansing Herbs Capsules daily

Private Colema Rooms


Atmanjai is located on one of Thailand’s most well known and beautiful Islands, Phuket. The beautiful beachfront location is a welcoming and tranquil environment to detox and restore your health and wellbeing. The resort offers 2 luxurious Thai-inspired accommodation options at Friendship Beach Resort and another option only 300m away at the Serenity Resort and Residences Phuket. The resort offers an array of facilities including, a beachfront Swimming Pool, Health Spa and Fitness Centre.

Atmanjai offers 2 different detox retreats, with personalised options available. The retreats incorporate a balanced combination of healthy food and drinks, massage and yoga combined other therapies for a total holistic detox experience. Retreats are offered for a minimum stay of 3 days onwards, with no set start dates. The daily schedule is flexible and allows for time to rest, relax and explore the beautiful island.

Atmanjai is a friendly place to retreat offering great amenities, balanced detox programs and full support to retreaters, making it a good choice for both new and experienced guests.


Take a quick tour of the centre and find out what you can expect from the centre. We recommend watching this short video as, its a great way to explore the look and feel, whilst getting a sense of the ethos at centre.


Supernatural Restaurant

The highest quality food, expertly prepared with natural ingredients is available at the open-air restaurant by the sea. Supernatural offers a wide selection of fresh juices as well as a delicious range of vegan, vegetarian and raw food dishes.


The Atmanjai Spa features a wide variety of services, from relaxing deep tissue oil massage at the beach sala or a full body seaweed scrub and wrap. The highly trained spa and massage therapists will deliver a fabulous experience. You can also enjoy our herbal steam sauna to soothe aching muscles.

Swimming Pool

Atmanjai guests can relax beside the beachfront swimming pool and enjoy the spectacular views over Chalong Bay.

Fitness Center

The fully equipped Fitness Center is available for use throughout the day with the professional fitness instructors on hand to assist if required.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is practiced on the rooftop sala with glorious views of the bay. The class is adjusted to meet the needs of guests and will be suitable for those who have never experienced yoga right through to those with a regular practice. Yoga develops strength, tone, posture, improves weak backs, breathing and calms busy minds.

Steam Sauna

Soothe aching muscles in the herbal steam sauna.

Raw Culinary Classes

Learn to prepare nutritious, delicious and healthy food that you find on offer at Atmanjai. Great tasting food is the key to happy eating and raw food provides the platform for health eating.

Kite Surfing

If you fancy trying out Kite Surfing then this could be the place for you – it fast, fun and exhilarating not to mention a great workout along the way.

Paddle Boarding

A fun and accessible way to find yourself riding the waves atop a surfboard. Paddling boarding is easy to get into and heaps of fun


Deluxe Room

Deluxe rooms are spacious and available with king-sized and twin-sized beds and feature a comfortable seating area.

Two Bedroom Suite

Two bedroom suites are perfect for families or couples traveling together. Each features a living room, two bathrooms and they come in a variety of bedding configurations. All have a master bedroom with a king-sized bed and a second bedroom with either a king bed or a king bed and a twin bed or three twin beds.

Single Room

Shared dormitory-style rooms feature 2 single beds and are ideal for individuals looking to experience a wellness program at Atmanjai but want to reduce the cost of their trip. Our share rooms are available for free only while participating in an Atmanjai program, offer air conditioning and are equipped with single beds, linen and towels and a cabinet.

Serenity Suite

Spacious and luxurious, the garden view Serenity Suites feature supremely comfortable beds with the finest fabrics to ensure blissful sleep.

Two Bedroom Grand Seaview Suite

The 2 bedroom Grand Seaview Suites offer sweeping sea views over Chalong bay, modern style open-plan living area and 2 spacious bedrooms with every amenity you could desire.

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Guest Reviews

"A hidden gem"

We just found digestive Shangri-La and now we have to tell the world about it. Atmanjai really is a hidden gem and possibly a life changer for many with digestive issues and illness or just if you want to learn about healthy lifestyle choices. The staff are super friendly and knowlegeable. Carrie, Tomas, Izzy and Jon to name a few are top of their game and make you feel like your amongst family. We had a salubrious and charthatric 3 days on the ultra cleanse and wow what an experience. One of the best health decisions that me and my partner have ever made. We stayed at the sister accommodation called Serenity which was pretty much perfect and supplemented our cleanse perfectly. I don't know what the Atmanjai accommodation is like as we didn't see it. I'm not one for hyperbole but if your thinking of a hard core, scientific cleanse without the boot camp element Atmanjai is the way to go. Yes it's not a 5 star luxury resort but believe you are getting bang for your buck you'll be hard pressed to find a better cleanse in Phuket! Keep up the good work Atmanjai.

"Atmanjai brought a smile to my heart"

My day would start early with a walk along the beach before 7am yoga. After that it was a steady segue from one activity to another, starting with a cup of tea. This was served as I sat with my Ultra Cleanse and Eat Well cohort and I think this is where Atmanjai differs from other programs - group discussion and camaraderie is very much a part of the ethos. The day was punctuated by regular visits to the verandah for psyllium, apple cider vinegar and other supplements between appointments for massage, presentations, excursions by mini bus or long tail boat and raw food cooking classes - to whet the appetite for post cleanse meals. The evening generally brought us together for broth at the restaurant and, for me, an early night. Accommodation varied with rooms onsite at Friendship Beach Resort or at the nearby Serenity Resort. I was lucky to have a beachfront room, which I thoroughly recommend. All in all I was a sensational stay. The staff work with a friendly and professional approach that is clearly heartfelt leaving me to smile right back in reciprocation.

"Body and spirit cleanse"

We stayed for 12 days on a combination of Ultra Cleanse and Eat Well and had a great experience. Before we came we were apprehensive of such an intense cleansing programme with no food.... but once in the programme we had no concerns at all. The support is fantastic and all treatments provide almost immediate tangible benefits.
Certainly adhere to the pre visit cleanse and diet especially the 4 days before you arrive - it fast tracks the outcomes.
The ultra cleanse was a lot easier to do than I thought and no problems doing this for 7 days straight...
A life changing experience.

"Amazing experience, amazing people"

Spent Christmas through New Year progressing through 2 days 'Fitness' through to the 'Ultra cleanse' detox program. Under fitness you get to eat amazing vegetarian food at the Friendship Beach Resort, undertake great personal training ranging from scenic hiking up to the great Buddha through to Muai Thai (which is great fun and ok for all ages). On the detox ultra cleanse you are fed vitimans, water and 'filler' whilst getting, in a dedicated personal room, a twice a day enema! Seems tedious and a little gross however there are so many rituals to the day from morning yoga, physilum shakes and bouncing that your day is consumed and you will finish the day relaxed but exhausted, particularly if you have steam room and ice bath! Finally the staff are all incredibly calm, friendly and serene. If you don't come out of Atamanji physically and mentally transformed then you would be one of a small, very small, minority.

"Paradise on earth"

This place is perfect for detox. The staff are friendly and the food is amazing specially the raw dishes. The cook is American and seems to know what he is doing. Everything that we tried from raw dishes to typical American dishes was great.
The detox program is life changing specially if you to the ultra cleanse program. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

"Life changing"

I came across the wellness programs at Atmanjai quite by accident, but I'm so glad I did! The Ultra Cleanse program, the unbelievable support from the staff and the education I received truly changed my life. I am planning to return in a few years for maintenance purposes, and after seeing how I looked and felt after the program, my partner is planning to join me! If you are serious about changing your life, your thoughts, how you feel (mentally and physically), then go to Atmanjai!!! It will be the most beautiful gift you ever give yourself, and you deserve it!!!

From the very first email, Took was warm, friendly, welcoming and super helpful. She provided all the information in a comprehensive and detailed email, replied to my emails very quickly and answered all my questions. She also provided the pre-cleanse diet (which I didn't follow as closely as I should have, but definitely recommend doing so... they have a process for a reason, just trust) and a very impressive health and lifestyle questionnaire. It was in depth so the staff could gain a good understanding of my current state as well as my goals BEFORE I arrived so they were prepared - and that preparation certainly showed.

When I arrived at Friendship Beach resort, I was greeted with warmth and smiles, and taken to a beautiful, clean and comfortable room that opened to the pool area and restaurant. The beach was literally a few feet away. Even after I decided to extend my stay, which meant I had to switch rooms, the staff took care of everything.

The first couple days of the program I felt great, but Days 3 and 4 were very difficult. I was told this was a normal detox timeline and the support I received was incredible! Both Izzy and Chris took the time to sit with me, listen and talk me through a lot of physical and emotional issues that were coming up. They were so understanding and empathetic, while at the same time making sure I maintained accountability for myself. After those couple of rough days I started feeling a ton better. My thoughts were more clear, I had more energy, I was sleeping better, and I decided to extend my stay for a few more days. Even though things were going very well, every day, Chris, Izzy, Tang and Om asked how I was doing and actually listened.

Besides the amazing support of the staff they have guest practitioners who are also incredible. I highly recommend the pranic healing with John (who is also a wonderful meditation teacher and just a great person to chat with) and the Karsai Nei Tsang with Timmie. She is the most magical person I've ever met. Also, depending on the length of your stay, free sessions with many of the guest practitioners are included, which is so awesome to get a taste of what kind of treatment resonates with you. Plus all the other treatments like the ION foot detox, zapper, infra-red sauna, massahhhhhhages (it's worth signing up just for these alone), magnesium bath and more are not only effective, but so interesting! And all the treatments, processes, supplements etc... are fully explained so you know why you're doing what at specific times. However, you always have the choice to not do something, but again, I recommend following the program to a tee. Just trust, they know what they're doing.

ON TOP of all the amazing treatments, Atmanjai planned day trips and activities for the guests to help us relax, get exercise, and also get to know each other. Even though people were constantly coming and going, Atmanjai did an excellent job of helping us jive and support each other as a group. We went paddle boarding, took a longboat to a private beach, took a raw 'cooking' class, participated in meditations, went on hikes etc... It was the prefect balance of staying busy and being relaxed!

I was super sad to leave, and didn't feel like I was just 'let go'. They ensure you have a final consultation to wrap up any questions, set your goals and intentions for when you get home, address any physical and/or emotional issues that you've been dealing with and provide suggestions to help you manage those once you leave. I also received several emails in the week after I left to inquire as to how I was doing and provide additional information. I did have some questions and Izzy literally got back to me within a couple of hours.

The whole experience was incredible and it's something I would like to continue every few years to keep up my progress, and would return to Atmanjai in a heartbeat!!!

"Life Changing experience"

Could not recommend Atmanjai Wellness centre more, I left feeling like a new person. Not only do I feel great and lost weight, but the main change was in my mind. Clear, positive and happy. Amazing staff to guide and support you through the detox process and lots of alternative therapies to help you heal inside and out. Loved the morning yoga Ocean and Chris were so inspiring and I will continue with yoga in my life thanks to them.
If you have the opportunity to get to Atmanjai.. Do it you will not regret