3-28 Days
Duration Range


I can't wait to visit again. Thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the knowledge and support to change my diet and outlook on life. I can't recommend this place enough.

Do you have those stubborn last 2 kgs that won’t go away? Sticking to a regime especially when you are trying to keep it on a budget is not a walk in the park.You might find that you are losing weight with ease the first few days. You feel motivated but keeping it going seems to be the actual struggle.You might find that you put on weight or tempted to eat that slice of forbidden chocolate cake. Struggling too long when your weight loss goals are not met can be disheartening. Loss of motivation is one of the main triggers that will make you veer off the healthy path.There is a reward for getting that healthy weight loss done right. One part of the reward starts early as you land on the gorgeous island of Koh Samui. Come packed with your all your habits, good or bad. This retreat offers you the chance to return home with a refreshed look on life and a healthy glow that goes beyond a beach tan.More than just a weight-loss retreat, the most satisfying aspect of this retreat is the permanent life-changing habits which guests return home with.Meeting your weight goal won’t be the only reward you will experience. Other guests felt an improvement from many ailments. Such as headaches, chronic pain, fatigue, diabetes and high blood pressure.Leave behind your busy daily routine and fully dedicate yourself to a health and wellness. Settle into your garden style bungalow, breath in the tropical island air and start your detox. Check in with your struggles at your personal consultation to establish your personal goals. The fantastic staff are prepared to help you meet your personal goals. Daily health checks, all meals and supplements, yoga, meditation and many other holistic treatments are all-inclusive.Your meal plan will consist of fresh organic fruit, vegetable juices, smoothies, and soups all varied for each day. Coupled together with Thai herbs and supplements to boost your weight loss path. Also included are daily self-administered coffee colema and a weekly liver flush for a healthy weight loss detox.Start a new habit entirely, daily activities morning walks, yoga, aqua-aerobics, steam room and Thai massage. As for weekly activities, there is salsa dancing, kickboxing, meditating or touring the island by bike. All of these different elements will secure you on a path to making permanent lifestyle changes.These are all-inclusive in your package with 1-night free accommodation.These retreats range from 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 21 and 28 days.At the end of your stay, you will receive a booklet with all the recipes so that you can keep up with your new self. There is also a nutritious candida and paleo friendly program available upon request.Within the 3-day detox you can experience some health benefits. For guests looking for substantial weight-loss results it is recommended to stay 10 days or longer.

Tip: Guest reviews can give you the best insight. We've put together a collection of reviews giving you a personal account of the program.

What's Included

Included with any length of stay

Accommodation (1st night free)

Daily Health Check Up

All Detox Supplements & Herbal Teas

Daily Gym & Personal Training Studio

All Detox Juices, Smoothies & Soups

Daily Guided Walks

Daily Traditional Thai or Oil Massage

Daily Yoga Class

Daily Meditation Session

Daily Thai Herbal Steam Room

Daily Self-administered Colema

Daily Parasite Zapper Use

Free Koh Samui Airport Transfers


Located at Lamai Beach on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, off Thailand’s east coast. The centre is a 3-star Resort offering guests modern, clean, self-contained bungalows located around the pool.

The resort offers all in one Detox, Yoga and Meditation retreats, which have been to designed to be accessible to those of all ages, background and experience level. The resort is all in-inclusive which includes all meals, supplements, and accommodation in a single simple to understand rate. Retreats are offered for 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 21, and 28 days, with flexible start dates.

Yoga is an active retreat focused on providing guests with high-quality detoxes retreats at affordable rates. There are many other activities available such as outings, workshops, morning meditation, communal dinners and movie nights.


Swimming Pool

Cool off, relax and unwind by the pool between sessions.


Situated on the Southern Coast of Koh Samui next to Lamai beach – it’s your own piece of paradise right on your doorstep.

Private Health Consultation

To support your detox and weight loss program while tackling health and wellness related ailments; consider a 1-hour private consultation with Rocio Gaborit, highly experienced and qualified Programme Director.

During your detox consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. Rocio will provide you with practical advice on support healing, health maintenance, and disease prevention. She will educate you on natural ways how to look after yourself in a holistic sustainable approach.

You can discuss food recommendations, dietary adjustments, exercise, relaxation techniques, herbal remedies and natural supplement advice. She will also assist in developing a strategy to implement new healthy behaviors when you return home from your detox program in Thailand.

Personal Fitness Training

Experienced Fitness Trainers will teach you how to maximize your time by exercising for weight loss and improve metabolic rate. They offer “high impact interval training sessions” or HIITS. This is very effective and can be done at home without expensive equipment.

An on-site Personal Training studio or partner gym called Ultra Bodies. The trainers are experienced Triathletes, Cyclists and Fitness experts so you’ll be in safe hands.

Mountain Bike Hire and Tours

Riding mountain bike around Koh Samui is a great way to discover the beautiful tropical Island. They offer both Bike hire and tours of the Southern part of Koh Samui. Each bike comes with a helmet and lock. Wearing a helmet is mandatory in Thailand and highly recommended.

They are able to arrange professional bike tours with experienced guides starting at $56 per person per tour including transport.

Private Thai Boxing Training

Exercise and movement as part of your detox program. Muay Thai boxing is very popular around the world and the center is located between four very good Boxing gyms.

The trainers are retired fighters who can show you excellent technique and work with you to improve your endurance and stamina.

Private Thai Cooking Classes

Learn how easy it is to prepare tasty, healthy Thai meals. You’ll learn from Air who is renowned for her beautiful cooking technique.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Due to the superior and affordable dentistry in Thailand they are now affiliated with several local Dentists on Koh Samui. They can arrange appointments for whitening and cleaning as well as any other dental work. Many of our guests take advantage of the quality and costs of Dentistry and many do major work while doing a detox. 99% of all dental procedures will not affect your detox fasting.

Five Island Long Tail Boat Tour

This tour will evoke a sense of awe and beauty. During the tour, you will see caves, beaches and bamboo dwellings perched precariously on limestone cliffs and pinnacles. Stop for a swim, snorkel, and refreshments on a secluded beach.

The tours operate each morning, the rate is $197 which includes up to 8 people plus pickup and drop off from the centre.


Standard Bungalow

The accommodation is set in a lush garden surrounding the swimming pool. The bungalows are self-contained and feature a small terrace.
The standard Bungalow is Air-conditioned and equipped with a TV, bar fridge and private bathroom.
Rooms are equipped with a wardrobe and safe.

Junior Bungalow

The Junior Bungalow is a more spacious option. Fully Air-conditioned and equipped with a TV, bar fridge and private bathroom.
Rooms are equipped with a wardrobe and safe.

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Guest Reviews

"Another amazing stay!"

I have been coming to the resort since May 2010. This was my 5th visit to w, and my main purpose this time round was for a re-start. I was stressed, mentally and emotionally exhausted and booked in for a 14 day program. For me personally there is something special about this place, and every time I return I arrive with a big sigh of relief and a smile on my face, welcomed like family by the staff. The staff are amazing! They make you feel like you are at home, support you whilst detoxing and nothing is too difficult.

I am constantly amazed at how much energy I have and comfortably walking 5-12km most mornings. You can do as little or as much as you want, without feeling pressured to join the group activities/exercises. It's hard not to join in, when you have an amazing group of men and women on the same detoxing program. Sharing lots of laughter and detoxing stories.

After 2 weeks on the program I have left with a twinkle in my eye and a bounce in my step! I feel like my old self again...balanced, rested, energised, happy, calm with a sense of peace.

I can't recommend this place enough and look forward to another visit.

Thanks Air and crew! See you guys again really soon xx

"Amazing Experience"

Amazing experience/ Fantastic Staff/ Long life friendships/Brilliant results/ DETOX your life!

I went on this amazing journey with my 71 year old mother. From the beginning we went into this with an open mind and trusted in the 14 day detox we chose to undertake.

You will be greeted at the airport with a friendly staff member that will take you directly to the resort and then your met with an amazing person called Robin who will guide you through everything you need to know about your journey.

As we ventured on this journey, we became close with the other guest (you cant help doing this as you become a small and supportive family) - who im very happy and proud to call my friends now.

When you stay here you are not wanting a thing, everything is provided for you right down to your own toothbrush!

Between the Juices, Smoothies and Soups you are never hungry. Your day will be filled with gentle exercise, water aerobics, medication, yoga and thai kick boxing. And you get to choose what you do - there is never any pressure. Also you get daily massages (which is amazing) with wonder ladies.

The resort may not be 5 or even 4 star, but the rooms are always clean (thanks to the wonderful ladies that do this every day for you) and comfortable with air-conditioning, free WiFi, and the fridge is always stocked with fresh water every day.

The Staff at the resort are second to none. From the Owner, Manager, and all the support staff they are definitely 5 star and are always there to accommodate anything you need.

All the other guest are incredible as well, we are all on the page when it comes to our health and everyone is very supportive of everyone else, irrelevant of why you are there. You will NEVER feel uncomfortable at any stage of your stay. Im very proud to say mum and myself came away with some amazing friends (for life).

Last but not least - both myself and my mother lost 7kgs in 14days. We both came home full of energy and a new look on what we put into our bodies. I personally can not thank the resort enough. And I'll be going back.
I would totally recommend going.

"Life changing .....I've turned a "new leaf""

My recent stay at the completely changed my life it was inspiring and informative. The team at the resort were so friendly and helpful they made me feel at home. It was a relaxed informal environment I can't wait to visit again. Thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the knowledge and support to change my diet and outlook on life. I can't recommend this place enough.

"Restful detox centre with supportive community"

The true gem housed in this resort is its caring, supportive team.

Air, the founder, is radiant and will go out of her way to accommodate guest requests if it means a better healing journey for them. Rocio, whose heartfelt concern for each case that comes her way eases any misgivings about certain health practices; which you will definitely thank her for suggesting after you try them. Tamara with her strength and diligence towards health (and parasite elimination!) assures you are in a safe place, no matter your ups and downs whilst detoxing. Robin with his amazing chef skills, handyman prowess, and cheeky humour will never let you down. Violetta (ask her about her travels and hobbies!) and Sylvie have a great variety of yoga styles between them that will help with breathing, stretching, and mindfulness. Pinky and her unbeatable smile of sunshine, not to mention her organisational genius. Tanya is always ready to get you some soothing tea or refreshing lime water. Charlie and Hi, who cook, clean and do everything else in between. I arrived amongst staff, but left amongst friends.

Accommodation is spartan but functional. The massage therapists are kind and good at what they do. You get good sun around the pool, and a lot of laughs during water aerobics in the morning. It is also in walking distance of great services such as Mr Massage, Rey's Wellness, Thai Organic Shop, Forever Young, Radiance restaurant... the list goes on. Just get recommendations from the staff and other guests.

I was lucky to have been around a wonderful group of guests the whole time I was there. Everyone looked out for one another, shared experiences, and never judged. I had a guest come check in on me during the liver flush (which was awful to go through, but good to do) to make sure I was doing okay and downing that last set of epsom salts. Another guest brought me around the island on her scooter. Groups of us had lovely beach outings and boat trips.

Yes, it is an investment. But I underwent a significant change in my health, with a renewed determination to carry the healing process set in motion into my regular life.

"An incredible experience"

I started my journey to with a healthy amount of trepidation. Remembering I was coming from a self indulgent lifestyle, even though I was reasonably active with swimming each day. However my lifestyle was unhealthy.
On arrival I was so impressed with how professional the resort was operating, every staff member was so helpful at anytime. One of my great fears was how I was going to handle the hunger pangs.
Getting totally involved in the program and taking part in some activities, the hunger pangs didn't exist.
The experience of being involved with people with a common interest, each day was invaluable. Their activity programme was excellent and it was up to you to do a lot or do a little. Their idea of keeping the body and the mind active, worked. Not deviating from the program, after three weeks I had lost considerable body fat and many kilos.
My big bonus was the renewed energy I have, prior to the three week programme I was able to do few activities, on my return home I commenced walking 5 plus kilometres each day and increasing as well as swimming one plus hour sessions twice a day.
I personally believe the programme is one of the best kept secrets around, considering a three week programme changes your life for the better for a long time.
The time and cost factor become totally insignificant to the benefits.

"De-tox and De-stress . Simple Message. If your thinking of something like this COME HERE!"

I have just completed 10 days at New - Leaf and whilst it's a well used metaphor I arrived as a stranger and walked away a friend.

I also walked away 7.5kgs lighter. But this place adds a little more than weight loss.

They really do assist you in increasing your metabolic system and give you a plan to continue when your gone. Mine needed a real shot in the arm. I was too fat & comfortable and frankly too embarrassed to walk into a gym having had a knee operations some 5 years previous that put a stop to any exercise. The weight piled on and the thought of trying to get myself off the couch seemed daunting. I used to have heart palpitations simply crossing the road.

So I arrived with the a hope and a small prayer. Health wise, some of us were drinking in the last chance saloon where if we didn't do something soon, we knew the inevitability outcome and consequences of our over - indulgent lifestyles. The staff on my arrival and the following day - everyone of them - were genuinely welcoming throughout my stay, encouraging me at every turn.

I recommend the morning walks - and would you believe it Aqua aerobics.! Dont worry. I never believed i would be doing that also. You find yourself with an interesting bunch of like minded people all sharing a common purpose with a common goal. Dont worry if your not fit. Thats why your there! They cater for everyone and not one person feels out of place.

Ive met people there that will, I'm sure, remain friends for life as will some members of the team, such is their commitment also. Its true of many places like this de-tox facility but if you have never been to one, its hard to describe how very easily you make friends and quickly become a bunch of people all sharing and caring for each other. All from various parts of the world, social, economic strata and age. Personal barriers that we all tend to put up fall away. Its hard to describe. You just need to give yourself a chance, park your body here and do what they say.

Go with an open mind and an open heart. Your body will thank you. Everything is included so you spend very little money on arrival. I also took 4 books with me and read half of one i was kept happily busy which was entirely my choice, but its something you need to do when passing the days on de- tox. Keep busy. They do that for you and without thinking, the days fly by.

Its not easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. But you achieve personal goals that transcend weight. It kicks starts the mind and so many felt inspired to get hold of life, shake the dross, and make a new start in their personal and business life. Ideas were shared. Hopes and fears were discussed freely. When you have talked about your toilet habits after a colema ( and everyone does so get used to it ) its not easy to keep the barriers up. We are brothers and sisters together.

Its true to say that the process at New -Leaf gives you this. Its there within you. It shows you the new you. A fleeting glimpse of what you could still yet become. You always had it. Fully energised, with new enthusiasm your moment of clarity, now you can go and take the world by the shoulders and shake the joy out of it.

The people who were part of this time were a gift to me. A blessing. Now take yours, You owe yourself this trip. X


"Outstanding Detox / †Weight‡ †loss‡ / heath programme"

Air has developed a detox weight loss programme which works

If you follow the programme including reasonable exercise you will lose considerable weight and feel much heathler when you leave

I've been coming to annually for 6 years and everytime its gets easier and more enjoyable to follow the programme

Staff are excellent - very supportive which is essential

I ve tried others including in Bali but they dont come near Airs programme - i go to detox to lose weight and get heathier Not to go to a 5 star resort which is not the point here

Accomodation - single cabin for me / juices / soups are all good - i follow the 15 day

Airs partner Kris looks after administration and most emails and is very helpful when making a reservation

I would say this is globally is almost a one off resort - Go and try it works


"Detox / †Weight‡ †loss‡"

Excellent experience - Lost 14kg - came back healthier and the experience changed my habits and lifestyle (Given up Coca Cola / Pepsi )

Staff are amazing, friendly & approachable.

3* Resort but perfect for what you are there for.

"21 days for a lifetime health!"

Greetings to all. Identified on the web site as the 21 days “Reborn” detox, my stay at was definitely a life changing experience and a journey worth living and writing about.

To be clear, my goals had little to do with weight loss (I was 67kg for a height of 178 cm/ 5,84 foot). I had decided to attend this program as part of an ongoing search for answers to my body pains (headaches, back & shoulder pain), digestion problems, low immunity state which led in time to several health problems and more generally lack of energy. I am now 46 and having spent more time than I would like to remember or even admit with doctors and specialists in the last 20 years, it is safe to say that I had many expectations, not easily met. But, in the end, they were…

First and foremost, the team is simply awesome!
Head of staff and manager, Rocio is one of the kindest person I have been given to meet. A detox is a time of great physical and emotional vulnerability. In my case, her presence was a gift that helped me push through hardest times. Hardly taking a day off, she was not only there for me but for all of the guests, showing extraordinary professionalism (always with a human touch), skills and knowledge in all of the detox program connected domains (general health information, specific diseases, different types of food diets, nutrition plans, counseling and strategy for healthy behavior building…).
You might want to add to your program a one hour private consultation with Rocio… A big thank you to her!
Of course, is also a team of motivated and dedicated people who will look after you with great care at every moment of your stay. I’d like to address special thanks to Pinky, Tatyana, and Robin for their availability and formidable energy.
It was also a pleasure to meet Violetta (fitness) and Sylvie (yoga). Being myself a resort owner, as a result quite aware of a resort's challenges, I was also impressed by the efficiency of the "little hands” who were always on the move to check on the resort’s cleanliness…
By the way, the resort lodging is very comfortable and welcoming. This is not a 4 star hotel but, as far as I am concerned, this was all the better as it conveyed a “home" vibe very comforting when you are away from your family and friends, trying to resist to your dreams of chicken and potatoes. :)

The 3 level program - Fasting (liquid diet) - Detox (colema and liver flush) - Weight loss (also result of the previous elements) through health and fitness activities (walking, pool activity, yoga, thai boxing...) was perfectly carried out.
The juices, smoothies, soups and other supplements were absolutely great and, surprisingly, made up for the drastic change of diet, at least for me. I guess I should also thank the invisible but super efficient cooking staff for that. Procedures for the colema (colon cleansing) and liver flush, a bit scary at first, finally integrated quite easily in my routine after all my questions were swiftly answered (a presentation session is organized prior to each first time).
The detox also comes with a “Welcome book” which contains all the necessary information to help you out through your stay and beyond. It was also very comforting to see how I was thoroughly checked upon at every step of my detox. Thanks to Rocio, I feel very fortunate that this was at no moment a static program. Because of my initial condition (not much weight to lose at the first place), it was very important that she helped me tweaking my diet and activities out of the traditional and more common weight loss path (an important part of the customers).

I feel that, on the marketing and communication part, the program should be presented in a more modular and multi faceted fashion so that the focus is not captured by the "weight loss” designation which is not the only benefit and certainly not the sole purpose of customers.
I say this for two reasons. First, had the resort not been warmly recommended by a friend, I might have let myself stop by the “weight loss” thematic which was clearly not what I was wishing for myself. It would have been my loss though... Secondly, despite the individual welcoming interview and explanations given upon arrival, the initial marketing misled me a bit on the way I should conduct my detox. I tried to do everything (fasting-detox-fitness) as would a regular customer aiming for weight loss when, because of the intensity of the diet change and effectiveness of the detox on a low weight individual such as me, I should have stayed put and not tried any activity. The detoxing process drained a lot of my energies. It took me a few days and Rocio’s keen eyes to put a stop to my over achiever impulses and simply understand that this was a time to hold back, take a break and fully focus on the detox and fasting part… I ended up doing one activity or none per day. And why not? :) In the end, the most important was to fully benefit from the detox. And I did…

Thank you to all.