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We stayed here recently to combine a much-needed wellness reboot with a destination vacation, and that's exactly what we found. Attentive and expert staff, spacious and tasteful rooms, and a gentle half-day program of beach walks, yoga or water aerobics, shakes and healthful meals that set us up perfectly for an afternoon of exploring the island.

It is hard to not look away or be tempted by the newest fad in detox. That there might be some miracle way of doing so for half of the struggle. This is a little too farfetched and an unbalanced recipe.We all know deep inside that the key to a healthy detox is being able to dedicate the adequate time. Furthermore is being disciplined to keep it up.With its picture perfect setting on the beautiful Island of Koh Samui. This all-inclusive retreat offers guests the perfect place to lose weight, refresh and restore balance into your daily life, in an intimate and relaxing environment, lovingly guided by the genuinely caring team.This programme is best for those on their first detox or looking for a more natural experience.  The small private boutique feel of The Palms Retreat provides a non-intimidating experience ensuring a dedicated and highly personalised retreat.Stick to the program and you will see results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, refresh your system, or spend some time with another beloved. The ethos of this retreat is that “Its’ all about YOU”, with the ultimate aim of giving you the opportunity to cleanse and nurture your mind and body.At The Palms, you will meet Graham Rowe, Chief Naturopath for Amrita. He creates the exclusive range of health-boosting shakes and juices made from natural ingredients. The herbs that are also in the meals for this program are also 100% organically grown in Northern Thailand.This is a gentle detox and weight-loss program, which doesn’t use colonics – the program combines their unique Amrita herbal formulas with daily physical activities to achieve results. It’s the ideal weight-loss retreat if you want something natural, easy-going, gentle, and non-intimidating to lose weight or simply freshen up your system. It is all about delighting your taste buds through herbal supplements, juices, shakes, light soups, and salads. Although if you feel a little more peckish than usual you can request the chef for that extra bit of protein.Once you have checked yourself in at your villa you will receive a detailed personalised program for the duration of your stay. The mornings are more structured while the afternoons are left free to reign in your own needs.Kickstart mornings with a beach walk under the morning sun and to sound of the lapping waves. This should set the tone for how relaxing a time you will have. Or if you feel more up to it, take a walk up the hill for a view of the tropical vista.Once back, it will be time for breakfast and the daily other morning activities. Such as Vipassana meditation, singing bowls, Kundalini, aqua aerobics, Capoeira, Tai Chi or yoga are some of the options activities.After movement activities, why not melt away to the included the daily massages? Your scrumptious lunch of banana flower salad or hearty soup made with coconut oil will be waiting.Enjoy at your pace. The afternoon is entirely yours. Head back to the beach, hit the spa, swim in the pool, tour the island, take a cooking class or just focus on being there.As this is a natural detox programme other guests have experienced that it is easier to maintain a steady weight loss. Ask away for your favourite shake combo and they will share the recipe for you to make it back at home. At the end of the retreat, you will feel light not only physically but also mentally.The highlight of this retreat is the intimacy. It’s a small resort focused on working closely with guests to help you achieve your personal goals.The Palms has a minimum of 3 nights stay but retreats are available at 5, 7 and 10 nights.

Tip: Guest reviews can give you the best insight. We've put together a collection of reviews giving you a personal account of the program.

What's Included

Included with any length of stay


2 Types of Daily Yoga Class: Ashtanga Yoga; Flow Yoga

Daily Activities: Capoeira Tai Chi and Aqua Fitness

All Detox Supplements & Drinks

All Meals

Daily Massage

Daily Meditation Session

Daily Guided and Un-Guided Walks

Free Koh Samui Airport Transfers


Nestled in a beautiful and scenic private estate on the enchanting island of Koh Samui Detox in Thailand, is a wellness destination offering an organic, all natural detox program designed to refresh and refocus you and help you to restore a semblance of balance in your busy life.

The center’s core philosophy is “Its’ all about YOU”, the fully inclusive packages are based on the cornerstones of provenance, integrity, and local experiences, with the ultimate aim of giving you the opportunity to cleanse and nurture your mind and body.

Partnering with some of Thailand’s leading authorities on health and wellness, weight loss and detox regimes and their aim is simple – to ensure you get the full benefit of your tailor-made program, both whilst you are with us and long after you have returned home.

The beautiful environment, with its abundance of gorgeous flowers and plants, inspires guests, without exception, and is a great starting point for your own unique and life-changing journey.


Living Terrace

A relaxed outdoor terrace, for el fresco dining.


The ideal place to relax and enjoy a meal or a book.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Daily guided yoga and meditation classes are included.

Swimming Pool

Surrounded by lush greenery, the ideal place to soak up the sun and enjoy some ‘me time’.


Detached - King Bed, Villa

King bed, en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower, outside shower and a private terrace

Semi-Detached - Twin Bed, Villa

Over-sized twin beds, en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower, outside shower and a shared terrace

Semi-Detached - Queen Bed, Villa

Queen bed, en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower and a shared terrace

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Guest Reviews

"“The best holiday we've ever had!”"

My partner and I spent 11 days at Palms after a family wedding in Thailand, hoping for a bit of a detox, some weight loss and a lot of relaxation. We got it all in spades!!

By far the best thing about Palms is Kuhn Aer and Kuhn Nam - their genuinely caring and friendly ways made us feel at home and truly welcome. Kuhn Aer's food is off the charts, it was my favourite part of each day, and she's very happy to share her recipes. Kuhn Nam's massage skills are peerless, especially as she learns your body. Their cheeky senses of humor had us laughing most days.

We have to also give a big thanks to Susan (for treating us like friends and not customers, also the puppies ;) ), Ronnie (best wake ups and tour), Marco (totally opened our world up to aqua aerobics and regularly kicked our butts), Greg (offered fascinating insights into the shakes) and Valerie (most relaxing yoga experience I've ever had). All of the people we met were so nice and thoughtful. They happily accommodated my multiple health issues, including food intolerances, back and knee issues, and never made me feel like I was too much trouble for it.

Palms isn't one of those regimented, strict retreats where they watch your every move, so if that's what you need I don't suggest it. If however you're looking for down time in a place that feels like home then this is the place for you! Ultimately you'll get out of it what you put in - we exercised every day, went for walks most days and were very strict on ourselves re the food and water. Our main goal of relaxation with some fitness was absolutely met, as was the weight loss. I lost 5kgs, my partner lost just under that, and we've kept it off in the weeks since then. We also made some friends along the way and we hope to see them in Oz soon!

If I had one suggestion for Palms it would be to update their website, as the information is a bit old now. But that didn't bother us or anyone else when we were there.

I honestly cannot recommend this place enough. About half way through we dubbed it our favorite holiday ever.

"“Detox and weight loss programme ”"

Went for a week's detox and hoping to lose weight. We found the programme fantastic. Loved it all-the daily early morning exercises; on the beautiful beach or further up the hill, followed by either yoga or aqua aerobics by superb instructors; then either Thai or oil massages, body scrub and facials. The massages are by the same lady who really get to know your body-ailments slowly disappeared over the week. I've come away 2kgs lighter, psoriasis cleared up, ankle problem healing! Reality far more than expectation! The staff couldn't be more helpful and kind. Thank you all at Palms Retreat!

"“What an amazing experience!”"

I spent a week at The Palms last month and found it a brilliant kick start to a new healthier me. As others have said, it was surprisingly easy and so wonderfully relaxing. I particularly enjoyed the daily massages in the peaceful gardens listening to the birdsong, and meeting so many lovely friendly, happy people. The scales told me I lost 4.5 kg which is fantastic, but for me a quick-fix wasn’t the main aim – I wanted and felt I needed long term improvement, and the excellent advice and the encouragement I received to make lots of small changes to my already fairly healthy diet and exercise regime provided just that.

After leaving The Palms I spent a further 3 weeks in Thailand, eating and drinking lightly but enjoying what the country has to offer and I have returned home the same weight as when I left the retreat. Since then I have had numerous comments on how I look great, how my skin and eyes look bright and healthy and how much trimmer and fitter I look. What more could I ask for?

Thank you to the massage ladies, Ronnie, Marco, Greg, Graham, and especially to Air and Susan for an incredible journey.

"“An oasis of personalised attention”"

We stayed here recently to combine a much-needed wellness reboot with a destination vacation, and that's exactly what we found at The Palms Retreat. We loved everything about it - a small, attentive and expert staff, spacious and tasteful rooms, and a gentle half day program of beach walks, yoga or water aerobics, shakes and healthful meals that set us up perfectly for an afternoon of exploring the island. We both booked a massage every day at 5 in their outdoor massage space near the pool - heavenly! Our whole stay had a very private, personalised feel with a staff that knows you from the first day on, and couldn't have been more attentive. The hotel is perfectly situated, and you feel from day one that you've been welcomed by friends. We both look back to staying at The Palms again on our next trip to Samui!

"“Lost 5KG in 6 days”"

A friend and I spent a week at the Palms, with the goal of kicking off the new year in a peaceful and healthy environment. What most impressed me about the programme relative to other similar detox retreats, was the individual attention we received. From the morning stretching and yoga, to the meals/snacks & shakes. I was personally focused on getting back in shape, and in addition to the scheduled morning exercise, took advantage of the nearby gym (a 5 minute walk from the Palms). The staff happily obliged my request to increase the protein in my diet. The daily meals are healthy and delicious. With only minimal carb & sugar cravings I was able to lose 5 KG in 6 days: a fantastic result. From the bedrooms to the living area, attention to detail is apparent across the board. After a few days, the Palms will starts to feel like a home away from home. Highly recommend trying your next detox at the Palms Retreat in Samui.

"“Fantastic place to rest your body and brain.”"

I recently stayed at the palms retreat for 2 weeks. I could not have asked for a better escape from my normal everyday life. I had looked at a number of other detox places and have previously completed a detox in Thailand. I decided on the Palms because it seemed to offer a more boutique style as opposed to a larger more intensive program. I was so glad I choose the Palms and treasured the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate in the comfortable and peaceful surroundings.

I was hoping to lose some weight, reconnect with myself, hopefully get myself back into a regular exercise routine and to enjoy the experience. It was easy to achieve these things. The added bonus is I still feel fantastic, am full of energy and continuing a steady weight loss.

All the staff, instructors and the masseuse were great. The Manager, Tanoi went above and beyond to make my stay special. I loved the kick start your day part of the program and am continuing to practice this every morning, in addition to regular yoga. All the structured part of the program is finished after lunch and then you can do as much or as little as you want. The beach is a short stroll and there are a number of activities/tours that the Palms recommends (I did a fantastic cooking class they recommended) or you can do your own thing.

The palms is probably not for everyone, particularly if you are looking for lots of company while detoxing. It is a small well run retreat – everything is taken care of from the moment you step off the plane or boat until you leave. Do your body, brain and soul a favour and visit the Palms.