3-21 Days
Duration Range


I was fairly new to yoga but since my stay at Santosa, I have kept it up at home. I've also changed my diet to be much more raw and vegan. And I feel so much healthier.

  • Suitable if you want detox benefits without the challenge of full fasting
  • Incredible, wholesome raw food and vegan food menu
  • Focus on healthy, holistic living to rejuvenate both body and mind
  • Detoxifying wheatgrass drinks, herbal teas and detox therapies like infra-red and ion bath
  • Daily yoga and massage sessions
If the idea of a full detox or cleanse seems intimidating but you’d still like to spend a few days unwinding and giving yourself a health boost, the Yoga and Spa program may be just what you’re looking for. You can choose to spend anywhere between 3 and 21 days focusing on healthy, holistic living – you’ll still reap some of the benefits of a detox with daily wheatgrass drinks, herbal teas and early morning detox yoga sessions, without having to do a full fast.Moreover, some of the staple treatments of good detox program are also included, such as infra-red sauna therapy to destroy viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast and stimulate weight loss and cardiovascular health. Ion cleansing is used to deliver a gentle electrical charge stimulating the release of long-stored toxins in the body.All programs at Santosa are personalized with a pre-program consultation before you start. The healthy, vegan 3-meals-a-day plan will boost your body’s digestive and immune systems.Your weekly yoga schedule offers 6 different types of yoga classes to take you to yogi bliss – Yin Yoga, Yoga for back, Aerial Yoga, Bliss Yoga, Vinyasa Hot Yoga and Acro Yoga. This, combined with a daily massage and wellness classes will mean you can expect any exhaustion and stress to fade away throughout the stay.

Tip: Guest reviews can give you the best insight. We've put together a collection of reviews giving you a personal account of the program.

What's Included

Included with any length of stay

Health Questionnaire, Centre orientation, Santosa Wellness gift pack:

Professional consultation

Daily health boosting drinks and herbal teas

Three healthy vegan meals a day

Daily massage treatment

1 Extra massage treatment of your choice from our extensive massage menu

Daily Yoga and Meditation group classes

One Private group class exclusively for Yoga & Spa clients (max 4 ppl )

Daily blood pressure check

Morning and afternoon activities (zumba, various yoga styles, breath work, fitball, step aerobics, meditation, boxing, TRX, dancing, nutrition class and many more)

One Spring clean Colema trial (optional)


Santosa Detox and Wellness Center is located on one of Thailand’s most beautiful and famous Islands, Phuket. The resort offers guests a variety of Detoxing and Fasting programs aimed at restoring health and well-being.

Retreats are offered for 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, and 21 days, with no set start dates. All detox and cleansing programs begin with a professional health consultation and questionnaire and follow a daily schedule that is fixed yet offers retreaters ample time to relax and enjoy their own personal time.

Santosa offers, modern luxurious sea view rooms and apartments, some include personal kitchenettes and dining areas. Guest have unlimited access to the swimming pool and fitness center. Massages and other treatments are available at the luxurious onsite spa. Personal yoga sessions are also available on request.

Santosa Wellness Center is a sophisticated escape, uniting the wisdom of Ancient practices and modern day science for a complete and balanced approach to detox and lifestyle. It’s the perfect escape for those looking for a professional holistic and spiritual retreat.


Take a quick tour of the centre and find out what you can expect from the centre. We recommend watching this short video as, its a great way to explore the look and feel, whilst getting a sense of the ethos at centre.


Vegan Restaurant

The Santosa Vegan restaurant, serving modern vegan and raw food, is the crowning glory of the chic and sophisticated wellness center. A captivating view of the Andaman Ocean and a wonderful sunset vantage point provide the perfect backdrop for the ultimate, guilt-free fine dining experience. Santosa’s healthy, plant-based menu helps to restore alkalinity, all whilst exciting the palate with fresh and exuberant flavors.

Almost all ingredients are sourced from local providers and we offer organic produce where ever possible.

Juice Bar

Choose from a selection of super healthy, fresh and nutritious fruit and vegetable blends available from the juice bar.

Plunge Pool

Cool off and take a refreshing plunge in the ice-bath, relief from the heat, invigorating and great for stimulating blood flow.


The Santosa Spa Eastern and Western healing techniques with modern technology. Treatments range from Ayurvedic massage and Shirodhara to galvanic facials and infra-red treatments. A comprehensive menu provides relaxing and therapeutic massage, deeply detoxifying treatments and luxurious and pampering beauty services.

Herbal Steam Sauna

Unwind and relax aching muscles whilst you open your pores and lungs. Begin detoxification through the bodies natural excretion of sweating.


Relax, unwind and learn from a selection of thought-provoking documentaries and films screened in the on-site theater.

Swimming Pool

Take a dip during the hot summer afternoon, emerge refreshed and relaxed and bathe in the sun on the adjacent deck.


1 Bedroom Apartment Mountain View

An excellent room choice for singles or couples looking for the perfect base to explore Phuket. Each apartment is 35sqm classically decorated with a double bed and comes with its own fully fitted kitchen, spacious living area, flatscreen TV with cable, air-conditioning, and views of the luscious tropical gardens.

1 Bedroom Suite Sea View

For those who want extra room 45-60 sqm and a stunning view of the ocean, the 1 Bedroom Suite is the perfect option. Elegantly furnished with a double bed and fully fitted kitchen; the large private balconies are what make these apartments special. All apartments have a flat-screen TV with cable in addition to Wifi and air-conditioning.

1 Bedroom Apartment Buddha View

Each apartment is between 40-53 sqm classically decorated with a double bed and comes with its own fully fitted kitchen, spacious living area, flatscreen TV with cable, air-conditioning, and a private balcony with views of the luscious tropical gardens and the Big Buddha.

2 Bedroom Apartment Sea View

The most popular apartment type for families visiting Phuket. Furnished to a very high standard and with a fully equipped kitchen, these apartments are between 70 and 90 sqm with two double bedrooms and a large private balcony with beautiful views of the Andaman Sea. With all apartments at Kata Ocean View Residences, each unit is fully serviced with all the comforts of home including flat-screen TV, WiFi access, and air-conditioning.

2 Bedroom Suite Sea View

Between 95-120 sqm the 2 Bedroom Suites are large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 5 adults and are very popular for friends, couples, and families with older children. Each apartment has a fully fitted kitchen with dining area and a large living space tastefully furnished with classical décor and two double bedrooms. Indulge yourself and truly take in the sunset on your private balcony overlooking Kata bay.

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Guest Reviews

"Excellent Detox Center"

I stayed in Santosa for 5 days in August this year, it was an excellent experience. I am a man with difficult eating habits, and the knowledge about food and vegetarian cuisine provided by Santosa probably changed my way of eating for good. I did a 5 day raw food detox and my body really improved after that.
Massage therapist are fantastic, probably the best massage I have had in south Asia so far. Facilities are good, clean, with an excellent restaurant.
Accommodation is good but has to be noticed that it is not really a hotel or resort, the detox center is separate from the apartment buildings, which are owned by private owners, but i think this works well and staff really cares that everything is ok in the apartments.
Staff is fantastic, and the advice provided by manager and owner shows real knowledge about what they do.
I hope i will visit this resort again in the future.

"Amazing lodges, all rounded programs, caring staff"

i took the 3 Day eat clean program as i was swooned over by the amazing organic food. Really done in fine dining style. The program was well paced with whatever schedule you want...you can go fast or slow. its up to you .The facilities are modern and well maintained. view over the cliff is gorgeous. And there are additional therapists who come by whom you can take up their service like spiritual healing, hypnotherapy and more.. highly recommend

"Still reaping the benefits three months later"

I stayed at Santosa for a week on the spa and yoga programme. By the end, I felt amazing! I did four exercise classes a day including acro yoga and Thai boxing. The classes were really varied and fun.

The food is amazing, all vegan and lots of raw options. The daily massage is also a bonus. I was on my own but met so many lovely people.

I was fairly new to yoga but since my stay at Santosa, I have kept it up at home. I've also changed my diet to be much more raw and vegan. And I feel so much healthier.

I'd highly recommend Santosa and need to say a big thank you to Liana and Lina for being so lovely and encouraging.

"Attentive staff & accommodating staff, amazing food, relaxing experience!"

I came to Santosa on my own for close to a week - I did the Yoga & Spa Retreat for 3.5 days and the Juice Fast Detox for 3.5 days. I highly recommend both programs. I switched over from the former to the latter because I actually felt like I was eating too much of the chef's incredibly delicious and generous portions of food! It was also a great opportunity to do an effortless juice clean in a serene setting, so I decided to take advantage.

When I arrived the manager Camila gave me a generous tour and I was whisked straight into my first massage. Before arriving Colleen was very responsive about making my booking and patient when I made multiple changes - that said, I would prefer that the center have PayPal or another, more updated way to make our deposit payments online.

On my first day I was quite surprised by how full the classes were and how busy the juice bar was. I think in the future I would rather come during low season for true zen. Also, I would really encourage the admin to hire more staff at the juice bar during peak season. They seem overworked and could not keep up with our requests. Also noted that kombucha and pumpkin pudding were not available.

The class schedule is really impressively full - in a single day I would take 2 - 4 classes and got to try new things such as TRX and FitBall. The only downside to this is that most of the classes took quite surface, beginner-level approaches. My biggest issue was with the in-house yoga. It was quite basic and not at all authentic - no adjustments were made, breathing was rarely counted, no Sanskrit used, no meditation or chanting integrated, and often, inexplicably, done in a terrible cramped room when there were plenty of other large bright spaces available. For this reason I would ask the Santosa admin to rename the Yoga & Spa Retreat to be the Fitness & Spa Retreat. This is truly what is on offer. The Hot Vinyasa Yoga class with Nooya (sp?) was much more authentic and invigorating and it would be a great idea to have her teach more regularly if the Yoga & Spa Retreat was kept on the Santosa menu. Highly recommend her class!

You are spoiled for choice with freelance instructors. Marcos' lecture was so generous and gave us very practical tools for dealing with panic attacks and trauma. We had a great discussion about family constellations.

I had a good acupuncture session with David, who was super knowledgeable and effective but erred a little on the side of a zealous salesman which made it hard to relax (I might take this back after I try your Detox Formula, David!)

I also had a Bazi session with John, who was super generous with his time and an absolute sweetheart. His reading of my Chinese astrology chart was super apt and intuitive, giving me a great push forward with my career, self and family understanding, love life and general outlook. I'm inspired to keep learning more about Bazi, and was also encouraged to look into Feng Shui.

The massages were almost all amazing and the staff were sweet and upbeat. I also enjoyed using the sauna and steam rooms during a tropical rainstorm. I only wish the sauna was open a bit earlier as there is often downtime between 12 and 4.

The colema rooms were really well-maintained and the cleanse itself was easy and professional. They make sure you get enough probiotics after stripping away your digestive system and the juices and broth were quite yummy, with cinnamon, ginger, lime and the like all spicing things up.

Food highlights for me included the Retreat bean soup (rosemary and moringa mmm), the Revitalize beet carpaccio and the Awaken seaweed wraps. People seemed to come from town just to have the luscious desserts!

The Kata Residences were really modern and well-appointed. I had a room close to the main building and was even given a larger apartment than the one I'd booked at no extra cost. Internet was readily available and I enjoyed using the pool and sunny balcony. AC units in each room, a flatscreen TV and comfy couches. Really felt like a second home.

Thanks SO SO much to the Santosa staff - Lina, Olivia, Camila and Liana took such good care of all guests. I will be recommending this place to friends and can't wait to come back the next time I need to "Awaken Life's Potential" and hit a reset button on my body, mind and spirit!

"A blissful oasis"

From the moment I arrived at Santosa, I felt my shoulders soften and my spirit smile. I felt I had found a private oasis, somewhere I could cleanse and renew at my own pace, while being completely supported and nurtured through the experience by the 'community' there. I say community because it was much more personal than staff - everyone knew my name, everything I needed was available even before being asked - be that a juice or a friendly conversation, and there always a familiar and warm smile greeting me wherever I went.

Other amazing benefits of spending a week here? When I needed to, I could retreat to my own private apartment, overlooking the forest down to the ocean, i could personalise my cleanse exactly as I thought would suit me best - with the guidance and support of course, and the healing therapies and massages to compliment my cleanse were amazing. I was also very impressed with the variety of exercise classes on offer - they were fun, engaging, strengthening, and motivating.

I did the full fast and i've never felt lighter, brighter or calmer. However, there are many different cleanses or packages you can do - and each can be individualised and tailored to your specific desires and needs.

I will definitely return, at least once a year. I have found my oasis and I encourage everyone and anyone to enjoy the beauty and rejuvenation of Santosa as well!!


"Llife‡ transforming experience awaits"

If you are a yogie, spiritual seeker, light worker, or anyone who is interested in having a healthy life style and seeking for a change- this is the right place for you to start. I have come to the fasting retreat myself from HK for 5 days with juice fasting. I have benefited tremedeously through my trip with amazing, heart-felt staffs and program itself. I had become much healthier, lighter, and cleaner after the detox. My skins and spiritis are much better/ cleaner after this experience. I met amazing people including friendly staffs and the owner. The food here is also just great, even for a vegetarian myself. I cannot wait to go back again! You will never feel bored here with all the programs they designed for you to keep you busy! I highly recommend this place to everyone who enjoys a more discreet, private yet spiritual detox experience in Thailand ;)

"For anyone who wants more health and balance in their lives, Santosa is the place to go!"

We picked Santosa as the place for my husband to relax before his back surgery in January. He was dealing with incredible back pains and when he arrived at Santosa, he was pacing in pain and couldn’t even sit. The staff was immediately super attentive to his needs and wanted to help him get better. They recommended a fantastic Feldenkreis movement specialist in town (Mandy) that put my husband's back straight in 1 session (after 15 years of being crooked), and they brought us other healers and taught us so much about mind-body healing techniques. Even other guests/healers jumped in and helped him. It was just incredible...he is leaving 75% better with the operation cancelled!

Santosa is a truly supportive, relaxing and non-pretentious environment that helps you heal, regain better physical and emotional strength (you think you go there to lose weight but you gain so much more!). The staff is incredible, from the smiley guys behind the juice bar, the people that ran the morning check-in meetings, to Mauro the chef who makes incredible raw & vegetarian food dishes (at a very reasonable price), to the girls at reception and the hardworking cleaners of the colema rooms - everyone was kind and helpful.

Liana, the program manager is in my opinion the beating heart of the resort - she truly makes every single guest feel like the most important person on earth with her charm, loving guidance and advice. Hope you get to meet her when you go!

What I also liked about Santosa is the flexibility. On the detox program, you get a free massage and 2 colema's every day of which you can change the time daily according to your schedule (want to go to the Beach, take in a class? - they will customize your daily program!). I loved the variety of classes from yoga, mediation, pilates, nutrition, zumba, TRX, indian dance - you name it, they have it.

We were there as a couple, but it is a great place for singles as well. Everyone connects! And the food - out of this world, raw, vegetarian...you can taste the freshness - and eating it while overlooking the mountains and ocean. WOW (we ate in town one time but rushed back to Santosa, there was just no comparison).

I cannot recommend Santosa enough....they really have something special there. And if you go for a cleanse - go for the juice fast. I didn't think I could do it and did raw food for 3 days but then changed to juice for 4 days. I was NEVER hungry, they make an incredible mix of healthy, nutritious and delicious juices for you!

Go, go, go....don't wait and start 2016 on a life-changing note!

"Path to a Healthy Life Style"

I visited Santosa Detox & Wellness Center to get some "me time" while enjoying vegan food, daily massages, and fitness classes. I read reviews and Santosa seemed like a good fit. I certainly was not disappointed! The food was delicious and after receiving my first ever massage, I was hooked. The staff is so kind and accommodating. Even though I was alone, I never felt lonely because I met some great people who were also staying at the center.

I liked my room which was a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condominium. It was fairly close to the center, but I still had to walk up and down several stairs to travel back and forth. I counted the walk as part of my exercise. The center is basically located in the jungle so you'll see lots of lizards and insects. This didn't bother me, but don't expect extreme luxury. You can see the ocean in the distance. It makes for a beautiful view.

I stayed at the center for five days and did the healthy eating program. I was thinking of doing the raw food detox, but I was hesitant about the colemas. During my stay, I ended up having two colemas and enjoyed how smoothly the process went. Now I know I can do a program that requires daily colemas.

Santosa offers a variety of programs, classes, and activities. I left with renewed motivation to start a healthy lifestyle in the upcoming year. I would recommend anyone visit Santosa Wellness Center. I definitely plan on returning.

"“Amazing experience”"

My mum and I stayed at Santosa for 8 nights on the yoga and spa package earlier this month. We can both honestly say it was one of the best trips we have been on. I personally, learnt so much about myself and rediscovered things I had long forgotten.
The head chef and restaurant staff, the juice bar staff, the spa staff, reception staff and all the instructors and speakers were amazing, welcoming, and very friendly.
Thank you Santosa for awakening me, thank you for the laughs, and thank you for the friendships made. :) <3


Just completed another 7 day full fast at Santosa, staying at the Kata Ocean View apartments. A really transformative week which provided much more than I was anticipating even though I've been 3 times before. Santosa just seems to be going from strength to strength. Totally recommended.